Choir 67 – Dreaming Big

A dream is given more life when it is shared. Choir 67 had the privilege of being a part of an artistic impression of dream sharing called ‘DREAM BIG’.

Children from the Chinese Methodist School Tanner Hill and Church and our Watoto children spent time together painting and creating a visual representation of their dreams. It was a beautiful sight as each child then stood up and shared what their big dream is.

While some of the art work was fascinating, some pieces were …a work in progress. None the less it was a great opportunity to encourage the children in their dreams. As leaders, knowing the dreams of our children is another step to help connect us with them and further equips us as we parent them. We are more confident then ever,¬† after hearing the dreams expressed, that we are raising future leaders. The A-Team, Choir 67.

See below some pictures of this special day. IMG_4824 IMG_4850 IMG_4854 IMG_4875 IMG_4868 IMG_4858 IMG_4886 IMG_4888 IMG_4893


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