Our time in Dagenham was highlighted by a number of vibrant School Concerts and the warmth of our hosts from Bethel Church and the UK office staff. We cannot thank you enough for all the love you have shown us.

This is really the year of God’s favor. Just before we left Dagenham the apple store manager spent about two hours fixing our Computer and did not charge us anything. We made our way to the store and thanked Alex and gave him a batik painting and a DVD.

Brentwood Sawyers Church hosted us during our week in and around Brentwood. Peter Jordan welcomed us on that cold night as we got out of the bus. We had a number of Concerts in this area and one of our major stops was the Brentwood Cathedral.

About 26people came forward for prayers and Paul from the local newspapers was happy to do a story on the Choir.

Here are some of the moments captured.

He is the reason why I am rejoicing!

He is the reason why I am rejoicing!