1. I would like to know when the watoto choir will be performing in melton (melbourne Australia)could you please ,mail me the dates and the church they will be at,
    thankyou so much

  2. Please let me know when the choir will be in the Denver area in September – October. Thank you

    • Hi Elaine,

      Choir 38 will be in beginning October 1. You can view the dates, locations and times at the link above. There are still a few openings for Denver, so if you know of a church, school or business that would like to have the Choir, please email Angela Harper at angelah@watoto.com or call 678-714-7148.


  3. When does the choir leave New Zealand? I missed seeing them in Marton and would like to meet them before they leave.


  4. I would like to know when the watoto childern will be singing in Fort Collins I have seen them before and I loved it.

  5. I want to know when the watoto children will be singing in Fort Collins I have seen them before and I loved them.

  6. Hi, am a great fan of the watoto and would love to know when you will be in Edmonton, Canada. Please let me know the dates and church they will be at, i will be grateful.


  7. Hello I was wondering how many places in Edmonton Canada will the chour is playing. I took care of them for three days and would like to know all the churches in edmonton theyll be playing April 8,2010. I had David,Brian,andEdgar. It is Julious who is the leader…thank you ,,,I loved them so much and want to seethem again please.again thank you,,,and god bless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Cindy Colliou

  8. i was just woundering if Sharifa Nakintu is in this years watoto choir i would be soooo happy to see her if she was there …
    god bless

    Lisa ; ]

  9. Hello.
    Is there a blog site for the tour in Australia? I haven’t noticed anything about this tour group. Our sponsored child, Samuel, is in this group, and would like to hear how their tour is going.


  10. I would please like to know when and were you will be performing in london (UK), July- August.
    Thankyou Godbless

  11. how many Watoto choirs do you have travelling at any one time?

  12. When will you be in Washington state? I have only seen you one time and it was beautiful to watch and listen to. You were in 2 towns near us.

  13. A truly marvelous performance,tonight at St.Marys,in Essex.My wife and I
    were truly touched and felt the true spirit of love brought by the children of Uganda. God bless.

  14. Can you please provide with dates on which choir 44 led by Paula and Julie will be perfromiing. I am flying from Boston, MA and need to know where they will be performing.

    Sincerely Eddy

  15. Please kindly tell me the addresses and places where the Watoto Children will be in Canada.I kindly need to know.God bless u

  16. I need to know where Watoto will perform in Edmonton Canada i.e the places and addresses.God bless u.

    • The Watoto Children’s Choir will be performing at two venues this week in Edmonton, AB. Please see the below details for event info.

      Concert of Hope
      When: Saturday, March 5th, 2011 at 6pm
      Where: Grace Point Church of God (720 62 Street SW)

      Concert of Hope
      When: Sunday, March 6th, 2011 at 9am and 10:45am
      Where: West Edmonton Christian Assembly (6315 199 Street NW)

      Cost: Concerts are FREE and open to the public. A love offering will be taken and Child Sponsorship as well as Watoto retail is available.

  17. i enjoyed the watoto choir onsaturday@westside international christian center.12/3/20011. theyreallyliftedmyspirit. yours; trully, Deaconpaul HOLT

  18. I & my friends & family would like to attend another concert when they reach the Central NJ area! Could you help with details & dates? Thanks and God Bless You All! Patricia, Kearny, NJ 07032

  19. its a great job that you guys are doing thanks so much to sheila and the team. still waiting on the lord that one day i join you. for the tours.

  20. Hi I went to your concert at the st.lukes church on the 13 of July and I loved it. It was my third concert i have been to. Thanks and looking forward to the next one.

  21. Hi, I was wondering if I may ask what choir is in Scandinavia at the moment and if there are any children from Laminadera village performing this Sunday on the 3 november in Västerås? I am wondering as I was in Laminadera as a volunteer in 2011 and it would be wonderful to see any of the children I worked with. Thankful for a reply!

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