Choir 78’s Mid-tour Camp to remember

Choir 78’s tour of Canada reached the halfway point. And after three months of hard work, it was time to relax and unwind at Brightwood Camp. The children had fun climbing the wall and doing puzzles. They also got the opportunity to ride horses for the first time.

Once that was done, they  had even more fun painting one of the horses. Later that week, we all had the chance to meet our new country director, Lorne Hamyln. We had an amazing time and we’re fully rested and energized for the next three months.


Raphael gets strapped in before heading for the wall


The children meet our new country director, Lorne Hamyln


The children put their heads together to take on a major jigsaw puzzle


Andrew riding a horse for the first time


Junior and Raphael set to paint the horse


The children leave their mark on the horse


Julius comes flying down after reaching the top


Go Priscilla Go!!




It is amazing how God looks at our dreams and plays a role in effecting them to life.

Hans, a Watoto3600 alumni did not know that a simple idea as flying children in  airplanes would be a dream come true for some children like Ronald and Douglas whose dream is to become pilots.

Out of love for someone, we tend to start thinking of what we can do to make them feel special. The Millers wanted to show their love to Watoto and so they thought of sharing their passion for flying with us.

They had to fly for 2 hours to the airport nearest to where we were for our mid-tour break. Everyone was given an opportunity to enjoy the flight. Hot tea along with Ugandan tea bags, was made for us to take along with an amazing home baked cake. So this day was really different. I mean good-fun-different!

Below evidence that we actually did fly:)


Margret and Nancy get ready for take off.


Margret, Karen, Auntie Christine, Brandina, and Uncle Paul take a picture before they touch the sky!!!


Ronald, Jovan and Uncle Ivan pose for a picture before they enter the plane.

Choir-77 takes a picture with the pilots after the safe effortless landing!!!

Choir 77 takes a picture with the pilots after the safe effortless landing!!!

Hans Miller went ahead to make a video of experience for us;

Thank you so much The Millers, may God bless you!

To find out more about the choir and where we are visit:


The Medical Gift – Choir 77

We are so blessed to find love everywhere we go while on tour, and it is shown through the awesome people we meet from day to day. This particular day we had a treat from amazing people in Springfield, Missouri.

We were all given both Eye and Teeth checkups at Jordan Valley Community Center for free. Some children were helped to get rid of some teeth with cavities. Some of them were given extra teeth to help fill the empty gum in their mouths so they can eat well.


Some children and adults will soon be getting glasses for their eyes.

The amazing news is the entire group of doctors came to watch our concert at South Haven.

Thank you so much for loving us Jordan Valley Community Center. May God richly bless you!