Putting God First

It is 10 am Thursday morning, right after the Education session and the children are gathered in the Watoto Church Downtown Auditorium for a time to sing, dance, play games and dig deep into the word of God. This is called Children’s Devotions.

30minutes later, the children, uncles and aunties are all panting, sweating, laughing and hugging one another.

Quickly, they get into small groups of 3s and 4s, which are called ‘Host Families; the boys with their uncles and the girls with their aunties. The families dive into their very first lesson of the Bible; Finding Scriptures.

In one host family, 9-year-old Belinda Alaba, with the help of their Auntie Sharon opens her Bible to the table of contents. From the table of contents, she’s excited to learn that they can get to any book in the Bible with a lot of ease.

Slowly and carefully, Belinda follows the pages numbers and lands on the scripture Auntie Sharon has asked her to find. As soon as she gets to her destination, she smiles proudly at this great achievement; firmly she holds out her Bible and reads to her auntie.


Mia Belinda Alaba reading her Bible with Auntie Sharon

“John Chapter 3 verse 16, it says; ‘For God so loved the world that He sent His only son Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life, ‘ she reads.

Cheering and praising her, Auntie Sharon appreciates Belinda with a hug.

From other groups, each child takes a turn to find scriptures assigned to them, reading to the rest of the group. Through this exercise, the children’s esteem is boosted, their knowledge of God increased, and their relationship with God and with others made better.


Uncle Peter Paul with his three boys; Ronnie Serugo, Opio Paul and Steven Ojara (from right to left) studying the word of God.

“I like reading the Bible, mostly opening it. At first, I didn’t know how to find verse but I’m now very excited that I can find my way through the Bible,” says Paul Opio, 12 years old.

“I have been encouraged to read my Bible everyday and follow the instructions there. And since I now know how to look for verses, I’m not going to miss any single day,” relates Belinda Alaba, 9 years old.

Proverbs 22:6 encourages parents to train their children in the way of the Lord such that even when they grow up, they do not depart from it. We believe that because of the trust a child has for their parent, when they study the word as a family, the children will believe the awesome stories in the Bible. This is why we have them study and have devotion in small groups with their Aunties and Uncles, who are their fathers and mothers while on tour.

Book the choir at https://www.watoto.com/app/choir/book


Destiny Kirabo and other children leading praise and worship during devotions.


The Oh What Love Tour Finale


“Oh ooh oh, we lift you up!” When you hear the sound of children singing those lines in a building or on a bus, then you can be sure the Watoto Children Children’s Choir is in your neighborhood.

These are brilliant boys and girls; each unique and specially designed by God with a special story to share with the world. Some are future teachers, lawyers, doctors, presidents, pilots – name them. Each child, on a journey of discovering who they’re in Christ, their values and who they will become in the future.

Today, we introduce to you Choirs 81 and 82, two teams each with 18 children and 10 adults to assist them. Choir 81 will be travelling to Asia in October while choir 82 will be travelling to the USA in September.

While at home, the children train five days a week in areas like singing and dancing, proper speech, character development, table manners as we get ready for a 6 months tour of sharing about the love of the Father.

The children are very excited to be part of this great journey and they look forward to every day of training.

“I am so happy that I have joined the Watoto Children’s Choir. I want to become a teacher when I grow up because my teachers are very nice,” says Emmanuella Lakisa, 7 years old.

Phoebe Namugambe on the other hand wants to be a pilot. “I want to be a pilot and fly people in the air.” When asked what her favorite song on the album is, she shyly says, “Healing”.

For two years now, we have been doing the “Oh What Love” Album with songs like Healing, Not Alone, Be exalted and Heirs.

We are glad to inform you that these two teams are the last to tour the “Oh What Love” Production. A new production is in the works and will be ready in January.

Join the children on the last hurrah of a wonderful production as we await something even more exciting. Book the choir at www.watoto.com/the-choir/book-the-choir





Choir 81 team which will be traveling to Asia in October


Choir 82 team which will be traveling to the USA in September

Choir 78’s last day in Canada

Choir 78 was treated to a fun filled final day in Canada.

After 6 eventful months, everyone on the team was ready for some well deserved fun; which we got lots of at Playland Grounds in Vancouver British Columbia. The day featured many rides that were thrilling for both the adults and the children.

It was a day well spent and the perfect way to sign off a great tour. Below are some of the highlights. Our special thanks to Watoto Canada and everyone that made our tour a success.

Next stop Uganda.


The children on swings in the sky


Roger and Julius get ready for take off on the swings


Priscilla having a blast


Eric and Junior Woo!!


The boys discussing how the roller coaster works


Even uncle Duncan had some fun in the bumper cars


We went on the number one attraction known as the beast