Bags packed, visas ready, USA National Anthem written on our hearts and the children are excited. Come 26th September 2016, Watoto Children’s Choir 82 team will be landing in Washington DC.

A 28-member team comprising of 18 children and 10 adults, ready to change the world for Christ with songs of hope for the next 6 months. We shall be in states like Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maine, New Jersey and other states at the Eastern Caost. Are you ready to receive us?

After 5 months of practice and great memories created, now it’s time to tell the world what God has been doing in Africa.

“When I get to America, I’ll eat a burger,” says 7-years-old Emmanuella.

USA, here we come!!!


The children learning the USA National Anthem


Choir 82 after the Visa Interview


“O say can you see….”


Bags already packed

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Choir 80 In Norway

Norway is a beautiful country with nice sights and sounds. We arrived at Stavanger Airport on Tuesday 6th September, left for camp where we spent two days and had our first concert on Friday 9th September.

We are looking forward to having a good time in Norway.



Meet the Triplets on Choir 82


With no doubt, you’ll spot them out of the 18 children set to travel to the USA on Choir 82  in September.

Timothy Nsubuga is the youngest of the 12-year-old triplets and loves playing drums; Thomas on the other loves to play basketball and Theodore can dance like there’s no tomorrow. One thing is common among the three, leadership skills.


This is Timothy 

They’re the oldest of all the boys on Choir 82 and from their behavior; they show that they have everything under control once they are left in charge. As leaders, they guide and assist the young ones in different activities of the day like practice, maintaining proper hygiene and reminding them of the different choir standards like Speaking English at all times.

Their story is not different from the rest of the children we have in Watoto. Before coming to Watoto, they had no hope of living to see the following day.


This is Theodore

“We were born to a teenage mother. When we were 6 years old, she fell sick for a long time and eventually passed away. Our father left us on our own and up to this day, I don’t know where he is,” narrates Timothy Nsubuga.

At the age of 7, a Watoto social worker  found them alone and scared and brought them to Watoto. It was like the sun rising again in their lives.

Once in Watoto, their lives were  transformed. They fitted in so well and started going to school like other children. They had a roof over their heads in Watoto’s Bbira Village where they live with 5 brothers and sisters in a house, food and their medical needs as well were met.

“When we came to Watoto, we were given a new family and a home. Life became easy since we started getting everything we had ever longed for. But on top of that, we received love and we learnt that God is our father and can never leave us,” says Thomas Nsubuga.


This is Thomas

The triplets will next year be sitting for their first ever National Examinations with other students in the whole of Uganda. They are studying hard to ensure that they’re among the top candidates in the country.

“I’m studying hard so I can become a surgeon and operate on children,” says Timothy.

While on Choir, they’ve been given opportunities to grow as leaders. Apart from being leaders, Theodore and Thomas are great dancers; and Timothy a great drummer.

Outside choir, Thomas loves playing basketball with his friends and when he grows up, he hopes to be a musician.

In Watoto we believe “it takes a village to raise a nation”.  This ‘village’ includes our Watoto mothers, choir care givers, teachers, the Watoto Church congregation as well as our sponsors, donors, friends and supporters from all over the world. Your contribution makes a big difference in the lives of the children.

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