Choir 88 spent the day with the students at the school on Friday 10th November and it was amazing.

The students had for long been waiting for the choir to arrive and the Watoto Sign & Wonders posters all around every corner of the school could testify to this.

We fell in the cloud of this excitement when we realized they had even prepared a special lunch for us. We had lunch with them and it was so amazing as they kept interacting with the choir. It’s the first school where the children have been and the students (hosts) know so much already about Watoto.

Well this was not over, the choir had to present Sign & Wonders to the school. The audience was so amazing as they cheered the children all the time. It’s was fun to share our testimony of Signs & Wonders but above all, the students were encouraged. They all kept saying, “thanks for the great show because we were inspired.”


Picture with whole school after concert.



Do you believe in dreams coming true?

Well here is a dream coming true. Timothy one of the children on choir 88 in Hong Kong just experienced a miracle when he met his sponsors, Mr Lai Siu Shing, who have sponsored him for three years.

Now, sponsors are not just anyone, these are his parents from a distance yet so close to him at heart.

It was such an emotional moment for the sponsors to meet their beloved son from Watoto. They told their story and experience and it was so emotional and inspiring.

Timothy (wearing a cap) looks on as his sponsors joyfully share their story of love