Oh What Love On NTV Uganda

The Watoto Children’s choir, set to travel to USA and Brazil, performed live this morning (13 March) on NTV Uganda’s morning show. It was an exciting opportunity for the children as they experienced live TV for the first time.


In a colourful and vibrant display, the children shared the message of Christ and their life stories through music and dance to millions of viewers across the country.

Alfred Ocen, one of the children on the choir shared the impact Watoto has had on his life.
“After the death of my mother, I was taken in by my grandfather who could not provide enough. Many times we had nothing to eat and we would have to beg on the streets but all this changed when I joined Watoto,” says 12 year old Alfred.


The choir led by Duncan and Alex kyaterekera will be presenting songs from the new Watoto album ‘Oh What Love’, which was released on iTunes last week.

Choir 70 – Oh What Love!

As Choir 70 has been traveling throughout the US, we have been welcomed with so much love, joy and excitement. “Oh What Love” is the expression we often use as we are made to feel at home everywhere we go.

Oh, what treasure we have found in the people we have visited with. Host homes have treated us like we are family. Churches have welcomed us with such a deep love that we wish we could stay longer. We often have tears and kisses blown as we pack up and leave to head to another venue. We are blessed!

I was able to speak with Willia Bobino, who has attended 5 concerts and each time she visited, she brought someone new with her to watch the concert. She also has committed to sponsor two children. Amazing! Here is what she had to say:


Here are some of the host families who have been a great help to us throughout the tour.

The amazing Thompsons with Zam, Aunt Farida and Mercy

The Thompson Family with Zam, Auntie Farida and Mercy

Dawn and Jennifer Boyd pose for a picture with Aunt Jacqueline, Grace and Miriam

Dawn and Jennifer Boyd pose for a picture with Auntie Jacqueline, Grace and Miriam


Michael, Chuck, Kristin, MacKenzie and Michelle Gross pose for a picture with Reagan, Uncle David, Uncle Solomon, Gerald, Pius and Emmanuel.

Michael, Chuck, Kristin, MacKenzie and Michelle Gross pose for a picture with Reagan, Uncle David, Uncle Solomon, Gerald, Pius and Emmanuel.


Special thanks to all of the host families who welcome us into their homes. We are so grateful for you!

Choir 69 – The Love of the Father

Choir 69 recently finished our one month tour of the Netherlands. We had such a great visiting the country and were surprised at how flat the land in the country is. We loved the people in the Netherlands and were welcomed everywhere we visited. The children especially enjoyed seeing people, both young and old, riding bicycles everywhere.

One of Watoto’s great privileges is to share the love of God the Father at all of our concerts. We remind people that His love is forever, in good times and in challenging times.

Hein Mooej, one of the people that attended a concert said,”the message of the ┬áconcert cannot missed by anyone watching. It surely tells you of who God is, He is mighty, friend and father. We sometimes forget that but whilst I watched the concert I was reminded of all these things and that just melted my heart.”

Here are some concert photos from the Netherlands.

The choir on stage


Lydia dancing her heart out.


Zubaili loving his time on stage


Uncle Arthur, Herbert and Auntie Pricilla enjoying themelves


Winnie worships during the concert


Angellina worships during the concert


The choir having fun on stage


Choir 69 on stage


Thank you to everyone who helped support our visit to the Netherlands; concert organizers, host families, volunteers and Watoto team. We love you!