Travelling is surely learning.
It’s amazing the things we get to learn and see as we travel. Lately we have learnt two things in life.

One is that, we are only strangers to this world that is for a while but not to those around us. Look around you, everyone you see is a part of you only because you haven’t opened up yourself to them. Well as for us we have experienced true love from these people that once we never knew and surely we know now we not strangers and neither are they. This is not alien to the experience we had in Hong Kong because we felt so loved even when there by people we knew not before. So we believe we are only strangers to this world but deep inside, we are all one.

Second we learnt that, what makes us family is fellowship. Fellowship is more than the traditional way of just praying. It’s every moment shared together in prayer, playing, eating, dancing, having fun and sharing stories and love. So question, are you a part of a family where you are and are you fellowshipping?

As for us we are family that is making fellowship with those around us.
Our first five days, we were at Okinawa world mission church in Okinawa Japan.


The reception, love, and care from this family in this church is so exceptional. For five days we have experienced the true meaning of servanthood and generosity, the reason we believe no body is a stranger and we are all family. Well like we said earlier, we had everything about fellowship and we will let your eyes tell details of our experience.

Eating together very nice meals

Played together  

Sharing our stories, praying and worshipping together

Blessed with tangible gifts and non-tangible gifts  


The sight of Japan also has been a big highlight itself because it is so different from HongKong where we spent 77 days.

First two concerts in Japan

13th January 2018 we officially had our very first concert as choir88 in Japan at Okinawa world mission church.


Not only was it our first concert, it was the first time the church was hosting Watoto children’s choir. By God’s grace, we were able to share our story of Signs & Wonders and we believe it echoed right in people’s hearts according to how much they showed response and support.

14th January 2018 we had our full second concert at Goya Baptist church in Okinawa


Likewise, it was also very successful and glory to God for the hearts He touches through our stories that He has laid in our hearts.

Tour in the Ocean expo park in Okinawa
(15th January 2018)

Hahahhaha, did we just laugh? Sorry, these are tears of joy that we have after having a phenomenal experience of watching water world creation. Before we get into details of what our eyes enjoyed we will share with you the genesis of how it happened.

Different churches came together so as to buy tickets for the choir to have an experience at the world’s second biggest and deepest ocean expo park. This is why we say we are all family and we thank God for such love that He has let us experience.
Our eyes were caught in amusement, as though they had never blinked.
Watching the dolphins and wales dance and dive so high in water was a dream come true.

Getting to see different species of water animals some of which we have never seen.


We are in awe of how great our God the creator is. Enjoy the pictures.

Besides watching the sea animals, the view and the environment at the park was beautifully organized and planned. We couldn’t stop taking selfies and pictures.

This was crowned up with a great dinner meal at one of the Goya Baptist Church members. Wow! This was an icing on the cake.
We ate until they couldn’t eat any more.


We are a family that celebrates Jesus and shares the love of Jesus everywhere we go. From the beginning of it all it has been God, so we are so confident even where we are going, more stories are awaiting to be experienced.

You can be apart of our story experiences by following this blog
But more so don’t miss our concerts in Japan. Check the tour program on Tell your friends to tell all their friends to come and experience the sound of Signs & wonders.

Thank you and God bless.



On 9th January 2018, we said goodbye to a beautiful experience. Even beautiful is an understatement, it’s been an exquisite experience… HongKong, you’ve been lovely, you’ve shown us more love than we could have imagined, oh your generosity no words can explain.

The hosts… you’ve housed us so well we felt like home, as though we had new families, it’s not everyday that  people open their doors to people they have no history with… but you so willingly did and oh boy did we enjoy our stay in your homes, thank you so much for your sacrifice.  We don’t take it for granted… thank you for feeding us oh Lord! You fed us to a point that I’m sure our fellow Ugandans can’t recognise us anymore,

You fed us so much and so well.  We are grateful and we will forever miss you. We hope to see you in Uganda soon. The sponsors both old and new, thank you for picking up our profiles among the bunch, thank you for making us feel special, the fact that you chose us from the many makes is feel like we were given a golden crown in that moment, thank you for loving us.

The churches and schools…

… that let us share the love of Jesus through our concerts, thank you for taking time off your busy schedules and clearing slots for us, you have no idea how joyful the kids were whenever they visited a school or a church, if I could draw their smiles I’d never have enough paper. Sacrifices like these are how we change the world, thank you for adding such a meaningful page to our life story, you made this worth it!

For the Watoto Asia(HongKong) office, no words are accurate enough to express our gratitude.


The Asia team praying for choir 88 to have a great experience in Japan.

For the early mornings and late nights and random programs you were always present, never left us for a moment, we may never know how to thank you but as we say thank you in Luganda on our knees saying “webale” for not just being colleagues but brothers, sisters and Parents, for being so swift and practical and excellent all in one, for challenging our speed to match yours for efficiency’s sake, for always being present till the last step. We are grateful!

As we cross over to our next stop, with us we carry an overload of joy, love, memories of new found family, friendships to last a lifetime and full hearts.

Thank you HongKong family for loving us, may God keep you safe and bless you even more, until we meet again.


Team ready to bond off to Japan. Thank you and bye Hong Kong.

Some of the last moments in Hong Kong.


Bye bye Hong Kong. Japan, here we come!

San fu sai.
We love you!




Halo reader.

Can you imagine what could happen in eight weeks? Hahaha, to some it’s a short time that can pass by and to others, a lot of time to achieve a lot. Everyday in life is a great opportunity to live and achieve so much as long as you can see the sunshine or hear the voices of the birds or the echoes from the surroundings. Is it possible? Yes it is because by God’s grace we have been able to achieve great things everyday in eight weeks. If you have missed you can check our weekly highlights on this blog


Here we open to you the world of week eight on our journey through Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. Being a foreign land, we adventure everyday, learn new languages and culture, meet new people and share life with them. This is great for us because we are made to reach out to those around us with the love of Jesus and also share life with them as we tell of the signs and wonders that God has done for us.

Family devotions

On Thursday 14th December, all adults led the children in devotions in a very unique way than the usual. Ivan was playing drums, Solomon playing acoustic guitar and Charlotte drumming. The rest were singing.

We can only go as far as the sea but with God, we can cross through the sea like Israel. So that’s why everyday, every morning and before concert, we have family devotions as team 88 to trust Lord with all our goals, and cares. There is no other greater bond like the one in fellowship.


The cars, lights, tall buildings, and everything we see today is because someone decided to adventure into the unknown.

How grateful we are that on Saturday, we had an experience of learning and seeing how cars operate and why some speed faster than others. This was done with a very simple science illustration as shown in pictures below. Not only was it a learning exercise but also fun as the children participated in making toy cars and driving one of crafty testing car.


Charity ready to drive the testing crafty car


Isah making a toy car



Sharing the love of Jesus with those around

All we have is what we give and that’s the love and joy of Jesus Christ. What is amazing is that it never ceases because it’s new every morning and that’s why we are not about to stop but to only extend it further in the land of Hong Kong.

Well this week like always we have shared it through songs, smiles, dances, speech and activities.


Are you burdened? Come to Jesus who has given us joy and He will grant it to you

At the beginning I said everyday is a great opportunity to live and enjoy. We have made this our signature.

Don’t miss out on this fun because you can be a part of it by finding out where we will be in the upcoming weeks on

                   God bless you