A Moment Lived

This is a testimony from a lady who attended our concert:

Just want to thank the WATOTO Children’s Choir for sharing such powerful testimonies with us at Church of the GoodShepherd in Tyrone, PA last evening (February 1). It has been a long time since I have seen that much in enthusiasm in my church! The love of Jesus shone from all of you. You are such an inspiration. In fact, I shared the story of the choir with a friend who lives faraway and she said it made her realize that she has nothing to complain about.

I would especially like to thank the young girl who first greeted me after the concert. I am sorry that I do not know her name. She will never know the impact she made on me! The last several months have been very difficult for me emotionally. She gave me the biggest hug and just hung on. At first, I thought that she needed the hug and that I needed to do something for this young girl. However, I am thinking now that she is an angel sent by God to minister to me and show me His love for me. I had thought of trying to find heragain last night and thank her personally but did not do so Please pass alongto her how much that hug meant to me.

May God continue to bless your ministry asyou continue to serve Him.

“A moment well lived makes a big difference” Marilyn Skinner.

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