Sharing Hope in Knoxville

On the evening of April 15th, Watoto Choir 41 had the wonderful opportunity of performing at Kalu Grace Foundation’s ‘Hope in the Dark’ event for orphans and Africa at the University of Tennessee Thompson Boling Arena. It was a true blessing to see different hearts and minds come together to share on how to bring hope in Africa. The children were excited to give big hugs to “Uncle Steven” just before practice for the evening’s performance.

Special thanks to Mike & Beth Hamilton for welcoming the choir and for your dedication to finding loving homes and care for the orphans of Africa. Also, many thanks to Steven Curtis Chapman and family. Come and visit us in Uganda again soon! You are always very welcome.

Click here to read a blog post from Show Hope’s Website about the evening.

Practicing with Steven Curtis Chapman

SCC on stage with the children of Choir 41

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  1. Tottally touched and changed and given me new hope from these Children. And when i can would love to support them in any way i can.

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