Visit to SeaWorld Orlando

Guest blogger: Sydney Berry, Watoto US Marketing Coordinator

Watoto Choir 41 recently made a special visit to SeaWorld in Orlando nearing the end of their 6-month tour in the US. The children were filled with awe and wonder as they took in the sights and sounds of the famed park.

The kids get up close and personal with their fun new friend

More of the children petting the dolphin

The aunties and uncles get in on the action

The group’s recent visit to SeaWorld was one that the children, as well as their adult leaders, will never forget. Stephen Banyikiza, the Choir’s team leader, shares: “Little Barbara was laughing from the moment we arrived until we left. She just couldn’t stop!” All of the members enjoyed watching the lively performances of the sea creatures and petting the dolphins. The Choir even gave a mini-concert as the dolphins danced joyously to the music.

The dolphins danced as the children sang!

Huge thanks to all of the SeaWorld trainers

Choir 41 with a walrus

Everyone had a wonderful time!

The entire team is thankful for the kindness of SeaWorld, Tony Moore and the trainers for facilitating such a memorable experience. The Choir will soon return to their home country of Uganda and will always take with them the memories of these last few months: the smiles, the tears of joy and the lives changed. For more photos from SeaWorld, visit the Watoto US Facebook Page. Photos provided by SeaWorld are used by permission.

Keep an eye out for the next Choir Tour in the US, Choir 44 coming this September, as well as the special Restore Tour that will be hitting US soil around the same time. We hope to see you this Fall!

For the Children,

The Watoto US Team

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