A God-moment!

One thing that is inevitable is to keep the bus Clean as we travel in this weather. After dropping us at Mountainview Christian Assembly in Dauphin our bus driver went to search for a place he could wash the bus. Schools were closed because of the weather and the district school bus place was open and a gentleman called Jim welcomed him and was happy to help him wash the bus for free. The following day we decided to stop by and thank him for his kindness to us. We sang our usual ” May the Lord bless you” song after Enoch said a few words on behalf of the Choir. He was touched and was in tears as he said we were embarrassing him. The Children hugged him and gave him a DVD. He was so happy to see that the whole Choir would stop by just to say thank you to him. I told him that was the least we could do in return for his kindness to a people he had no clue about.

God is truly using people to bless us in amazing ways and we can say it is not because we deserve it but because he wants to make his name famous and has chosen Choir 46 to be his light across Canada!




  1. Thank you to all of you for planting your seeds of God’s hope, joy, and love in this community and to all you have met.

  2. We are so blessed to have you here. Keep singing, dancing and smiling. You are touching so many lives.

  3. Its so awesome that God is using you guys as little missionaries in our big country!

    and dont’ worry… that sun is coming… 🙂

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