Mothers’ Day 2011: Children And Mothers Share Their Joys

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, Watoto children and moms express their gratitude and joy for their lives.

When asked what Mothers’ Day means to her, Jovia Kabahuma, a student of Fashion and Design at the Vocational School in Watoto’s Suubi Children’s Village says, “It is a day to remember that my mother has been there for me. I appreciate that she has raised me over the last few years and looks after me daily. It’s the opportunity I have, to thank God for a mother’s love since I didn’t have one before.”

This Mothers’ Day, Jovia wants to thank God for giving her a mother right from the time she joined Watoto at 8 years old. “I can’t forget the time I had to go through surgery as a result of appendicitis. My mom cared for me; she was there for me 24/7. This Mothers’ Day, I want to give her a gift to express my appreciation of her.”

Momma Flavia Ninsiima, a mother to 10-year old Esther Nakimera, joined Watoto in 2005 when Esther was just 3 years old. “I thank God for working through the children because they love me so much. Last year, they hosted a party for me on Mothers’ Day. They cooked, bought sodas and bought me a card where each of them signed. I had so much fun,” she says.

Esther expressed how much she loves her mother, “My mom cares for me and loves me very much. We even enjoy just having fun together, like playing ‘skipping rope’ and other things. This Mothers’ Day, I’m going to work with my brothers and sisters to do something special for her. I will also write her a letter wishing her a happy Mothers’ Day.”

By the close of 2010, there were 305 mothers providing basic care to over 2,000 children in the three Watoto children’s villages. Like all mothers around the world, Watoto moms are some of the key shapers of values, attitudes and skills that remain with the children throughout their lives. And just like the children, Watoto mothers also require support and care. By sponsoring a Watoto mom, you are helping to raise the next generation of Africa’s leaders. For more information about Watoto sponsorship, go to

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