Watoto Worship Camp


The What: Watoto Worship Camp

The Why: Many of our Watoto children have taken the initiative to teach themselves how to play musical instruments, and organise themselves into bands, choirs and dance groups. They have become skilled even without any professional guidance. The reason for the Watoto Worship Camp is to provide them with professional guidance in various creative streams including Song Writing, Production, and Music (leading and playing instruments). We know they have great potential and are grateful to those who have come to help shape that.

The Team: Watoto is honoured that this team of outstanding professionals have willingly given of their time and finances to come to Uganda and help. Hannah Hobbs, Markus Huber, Sean Curran, Joshua Silverberg, Zach Brose, Tim Gugudan, Josh Bronleewe, Andrew Young, Rebekah Bichsel, Brad Bichsel, Tara Hall Brose and Katie Bronleewe, we thank you.

Find out more about this particular camp at http://bradandrebekahmusic.com/wwc/.


Watch out for future camps.

God bless you and we love you.

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