Choir 81 biggest Miracle

Choir 81 had one of our biggest miracles in Malaysia.

Rogers, one of the children on the team was operated upon. He had tonsils that were abnormally large and made his breathing hard. At night, he would periodically wake up gasping for breath.

All this ceased after the operation. He now sleeps peacefully till morning, we thank God and the doctors, Gilbert and Lim for this miracle. See you at our concerts.






Phoebe and Edison on Choir 82

He was a shy boy when he joined Choir 82 in April 2016. His childhood wasn’t easy. Edison recalls that he was 5 years when He was brought to Watoto. He’s now 10 years old.

Since he joined the choir, he’s now a happy boy, full of energy, confidence hard-working and excelling in his class.

One thing that stands out when you ask the Chaperones about Edison, they will say; “He’s very helpful.”

Pheobe on the other hand was brought to Watoto as a baby. She has now grown into a beautiful, friendly, helpful and brilliant girl. She’s very competitive, you can not beat her at a game.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” says¬† Phoebe.


Phoebe worshipping God during the “Oh What Love” concert

“I want to be a pilot when I grow up,”¬† says Edison.


Edison on the bus