What a way to begin!

It has been 14 days so far in Hong Kong and we can confidently say it’s worth God’s grace. We have enjoyed every moment. Surely, a young puppy with its mother can explain our kind of joy.

Well, the past seven days have been an icing sugar on the cake. Filled up with so many experiences of connecting with people, host families, worship experiences, lots of fun moments and mostly telling the story of God’s love.

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ;
Tuesday and Wednesday were days of worship and praise with some refugees in Hong Kong. Tears of joy running down in the hearts of many as they experienced the touch of God’s comfort and hope as we shared the story that God is writing through Watoto. It was a fellowship of God’s children together from all over the world.

Moments  in pictures of sharing the love of Jesus. 

Our very first concert;
We had our first full concert of Signs & Wonders in Asia. This was milestone and the beginning of what God is going to do through this tour. “Light has come to them that are lost in darkness and they will experience signs and wonders of God’s love through the message we carry.”

Some of the moments in pictures.

Some children meeting their sponsors
I call this a dream come true meeting a person, family or group of people who have generously decided to take care of you as child. Every sponsor is not just anyone in the life of the children or child they sponsor but they are family and friends for these children. So a child meeting their sponsor is a big dream come true since it equals experiencing the love of God at work in reality. Well the picture below can explain better.

Cultural day on Sunday;
Bountiful experiences with various cultures around the world which were eye catching in Hong Kong at the cultural centre. Well Watoto Children’s Choir 88 was blessed to have honoured the occasion. By God’s grace we were able to bless hundreds of people that had an experience with the choir’s presentation.

Learning how to shoot a video in 360;
A team from one of the universities in Hong Kong will be having a day they have called Watoto African day where they will be speaking about Africa and promoting Africa. Watoto choir 88 will be presenting there but before the presentation there will be a short video of Watoto children’s choir that the students will watch using  the virtual reality glasses in 360.

The team trained us well and gave us the experience of the 360 video and we were only left with making our very own. It was such an experience.  New to us but we did it anyway.


Having fun with host families
Every day was a day to have life in its fullness and faithfully we did enjoy. Very many moments and stories that only pictures can tell.

We can’t wait to see what the third week  carries because everyday of the second week was an inspiration for the  next day daily.

So stay connected as we bring you the third week.

Touching those around us with Jesus’ love

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” Matthew‬ ‭25:40‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Hope, Love, joy, and peace of God is the message we carry in our story as Watoto so that every ear or eye that hears or witnesses the signs and wonders of What God is doing shall surely be healed and be restored with the love of God.

We witnessed the refugees in Hong Kong  from different parts of the world, that came to share moments with choir 88 at Kowloon Union church being filled with hope and joy as we shared our story and worshiped God.

The testimonies from the Watoto children were so encouraging that it left refugees in tears of joy and hope as they wondered how amazing God can do wonders.

One of the refugees was overheard saying, “God is surely faithful and His ways are bigger than the worries of man”.

Thanks be to God who has enabled us to be a vessel of light to those in the dark place of hopelessness.


Part of the team telling Watoto story



Refugees singing and dancing to Watoto choir songs


Sharing a meal with the refugees


More pictures of the feast