What do you see? 6173A8A1-AF6E-4AD4-BD3B-28ABA94480E3

Do you see just children, singers, performers or actors? Well we believe you see something.

We will tell you what we truly see.

We see miracles that no man’s hand can craft. Yes we call them miracles because they once were not but now, they are something worth.

We see love. A love so deep and unconditional that’s unfailing. The kind of love that shines and is tangible and felt. The love of God.

We see transformation that stems from the great radiate glory of the story that pours out from the hearts of these signs and wonders. This glory is contagious because it transforms.

We see the future filled with polished and great minds and hearts. We have rescue and are raising great leaders that will rebuild the nation and the world. What we have is the story of the love of Jesus which never fails.

So we will tell you that what we see is not ordinary but extra ordinary for it’s unstoppable and it’s unfailing, that’s the love of God.

Week seven has been filled with highlights of sharing the love of Jesus with those around us. What an amazing journey of love, generosity, serving, fellowship and worship! We have been in schools and the one outstanding thing that has echoed most is the transformation of hearts of both young and old people from the story of the greatest love that we speak of as Watoto. We are delighted to carry this story and share it with joy with those around.

This story was cemented with great words during the weekend by Pastor John at Evangelical Free Church of China – Kong Fok Church.


Choir with Pastor John at the extreme left.

In his words he said, “this is not just a show of songs and dances, these are not just children, these are signs and wonders who are sharing with us their testimony. This is the love of the father.” He further lamented, “these are not orphans anymore because they have received the love of the Father. One is an orphan only because they have run away or rejected the greatest love of the Father like the prodigal son.” This is when we truly say the cake has been iced so well that whoever tastes it, won’t stay the same.

The choir at Kong Fok church.

What your story?

We believe everyone has a story. But have you ever asked yourself, “how does my story begin or where am I now or where or how will it end? Think about it.

God has changed our story and given us a new story to tell, the love of Jesus Christ.

More moments of week seven


It can only get better.

By God’s grace we are still sharing the love of Jesus with those around us in the Land of Hong Kong. Everyday and week just keeps getting better and better. All the days are unique and special, and so worthy of treasuring.

Well here I bring you the moments and stories of week six which I call the week of “fun packed adventure,” I hope you enjoy to read and share with your friends.

Sponsorship gathering


Watoto choir 88 , Asia team and some sponsors and partners.

Sunday 3rd December 2017 was such an amzing day full of joy, games, laughters, stories of hope, testimonies and connections with our dear beloved Watoto sponsors and partners.

I wish my eyes could talk because they could just give the details of everything that I can’t find words to express the kind of moment it was. One by one, sponsors and their families and friends came in and at 2pm we started the connection part of it. Had games and dancing competitions with them which left the whole house in laughters of joy. Charity (one of the children) and Olivia (Watoto adult) shared their stories of their life before Watoto and in Watoto now. It was so touching and so emotional yet so life-giving to hear from these Signs & wonders. The Watoto Asia team shared about Watoto’s past and the future vision that God is working through us. They shared about Watoto Neighbourhood that is reaching out to the vulnerable women in the community and taking care of them. After this, the day was crowned with lots of activities as seen in the pictures below.

Visiting Macau

On Thursday 30th November 2017, a couple of our team members embarked on a journey to Macau, also known as Asia’s Las Vegas, that’s not why we went there though.
we had a day to share the love of Jesus with the people of Macau, so we set off to sea to see a foreign land where we were divided into three teams. One team went to Pui Chung Middle School and the other team went to Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou school while the other team stayed in Hong Kong sharing the love of Jesus.

At the schools, the Watoto children were able to meet up with the students, interact with them and even play lots of games with them.
One of the groups actually had a class in KUNG FU and boy oh boy, were the children excited.
The choir got to teach the students a couple of songs and one of the teachers said her highlight was the thank you song “Webale” because she had never seen the students so engaged some thing.
The other group taught “Signs & Wonders” and the crowd was ecstatic.
One of the students from Macau said he was humbled that the children looked so happy despite their past and that he will try not to take anything he has for granted.

We later had a little competitive game of badminton between one of the trainers and the kids in one group. (I think you all know who won 🙂 ). We then shared a meal with the students and had them show us around their beautiful school.
Suddenly what seemed like uncharted waters was the complete opposite. As the children got comfortable and felt like staying in Macau and the students didn’t want to go back to class because they felt like they didn’t want to let their baby sisters and brothers go as one of the students said.

Later the children were able to visit the Roman Amphitheater in fisherman Wharf, they took lots of photos and had lots of fun, but we know all good things must come to an end and so it was.
We set sail back to HongKong after such an inspirational day of cultural interaction and beautiful story exchange and new friends. It’s safe to say we had a jackpot type day in Macau.

Well the team that stayed in Hong Kong also had a great time at S.K.H. Holy Trinity Church Secondary School. They shared life together with students through different activities as shared in pictures below.

Children’s evaluation and debate

Friday 1st December 2017, all children received gifts and great affirmation from their Uncles and Aunties. It was so great to see the children get so happy and jolly.

On Saturday day 2nd December 2017, the children and adults had a debate together. Wow the motion moved the house as honourables taught each other values every speaker should respect. The motion was “Education is fun.” Surely the whole experience shows that we are raising leaders to rescue the nation tomorrow.

Servanthood heart

On Sunday 3rd December 2017 different groups went to different churches to attend service with their host homes. Thanks be to God who has called us to serve and touch those around us with the love of Jesus. More than just attending service, the choir in its different groups was able to help by serving in church.

We are thankful to God who makes all things happen for His glory. Thank you to everyone who supports Watoto because as everyone reaches one, the nations shall feel and hear the love of Jesus.

Enjoy the rest of the moments